Theories/ Cause of Forgetting

Theory/Cause of forgetting
1)Trace decay theory:                                                                  [Trace: Sign of memory]

The theory suggests that, the previously learnt information may begins  to fade and disappear unless we occasionally retrieve it with the lapse of time. This type of forgetting occurs only in sensory and short term memory.
2)Interference theory:

This theory states memory can be disrupted, interfered with what we have previously learnt and what we will learn in future. It is also classified under two topics:

➡Retro-active interference:It happens when new learning interferes the ability of previously learnt information. Here the previous information may disrupted with the learning of new information. Eg; mathematical calculation.

➡Pro-active interference: It happens when ability of new information endures/interfers the old information. Here we dont want to learn the new things that has been learnt already. Thus, what we previously learnt interfers with what we are currently learning.

3)The repression theory:

Its a theory by psychoanalytic theorist Sigmund Freud. This theory argues much

of our thoughts and ideas which may inaccessible at the moment(pre-conscious) or totally inaccessible at the moment(unconscious).



               The apparent loss or modification of information which was already encoded and stored in long term memory, is termed as forgetting. Its a spontaneous or gradual process in which old memories are unable to recall from memory storage. It also help to reconcile the storage of new information with old. The forgetting may be temporary or permanent.

1)Natural forgetting: The forgetting occurs with the lapse of time, which we dont want to  forget.
2)Morbid/abnormal forgetting: The forgetting occurs in a situation when we want to forget past memories.
3)General forgetting: Total loss of memory in which any sign of memory doesnt remain, is general forgetting.
4)Specific forgetting: The loss of some specific parts of our memory which was previously learnt is specific forgetting.
5)Physical/organic forgetting: The forgetting of memory due to disease or biological malfunctioning is physical forgetting.
6)Psychological forgetting: The forget occurs due to lack of interest, high tempered, conflict, anxiety, emotion etc. is psychological forgetting.

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