Motivation is regarded as, something which prompts, compels and energizes an individual to act or behave in a particular fashion at a particular time for attaining some specifice  goal. The avtivating forces working in motivation may be named as: needs, drives and motives.     


             Needs are general wants and desires and also the most basis of behavior, which maintain, actualize or enchance a person in the world. Needs  can be classified under following sub-topics:

a)Biological needs:The biological needs involves all of our bodily or organic needs for food, oxygen water,  rest and sexx. They all are linked with the survival of organism and the spices. The biological needs are also categorized under three sub-topics:

b)Socio-psychological needs: The socio-psychological needs include needs for love and affection, security, affiliation self-assertation and self-actualization which are linked with the socio cultural environment and psychological makeup of an individual. The S-P need can be sub-categorised under the following topics:

i)Need for freedom                                          

ii)Need for security                

iii)Need for love and affection                     

iv)Need to acheive

v)Need for recognition & social status       

vi)Need for self-actualization

vii)Need for self-assertation


                        The energeticc force or tendency working within the individual to compel, persuade or inspire an individual to act for the satisfaction of his basic needs or attainment of some specific purpose. For the clearification, psychologists have tried to discuss it as under:

a)Humger motive: Hunger motive primarily arrises on a/c of our bodys needs for food. It arrises when the lateral hypothalamus  switched on the hunger causing decrease in glucose and losts when ventromedial hypothalamus sswitched off the hunger causing increase in glucose in our body.

bThirst motive: The drive/motive is concerned with  the need of water, which maintains fluid in body, tissue and hypothalamus. It increases when the lateral hypothalamus switched on the thirst which increases the level of salt which causes decrease in level of fluid and it decreses when the ventromedial hypotalamus switched off the thirst which decrease in level of salt in blood causing increase in level of fluid in body.

c)Sex motive:Its a strong psychological need basedinthe form of hermones functioning the estrus cycle which is largely ffected by by the variable related with ones experience and social needs.

d)Maternal motive:Its an urge to provide care and protection to offspring which is stimulated both by by the biological factors and social learning.

e)Aggression motive:It is related to those behavior which are intended to inflict psychological or physical harm to others.       

 f)Affiliation motive: This motive directly spring on the affiliation, which is a need to be in group for better care & survival for the welfare.

g)Acheivement motive:Its a motive which moves or drives an individual to set involved in the majestry of difficult & challanging performance for the persuit of excellence.


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