Memories in Brain parts

                The brain is the major part of the central nervous system of human body. It is locate inside our head protected by skull(the human brain comes from Cerebral  Cortex(a thick layer of neural tissue that covers two hemisphere of our brain). The cortex is divided into four lobes:

1)Frontal Lobe:

The frontal lobe is associated with various information about executive functioning such as: plannieclarative Lonng, self-control, reasoning, abstract thoughts etc. The frontal lobe stores the short-term memory and concerned  with reward, attention, planning and motivation.

2)Parietal Lobe:

The parietal lobe integrates sensory memory among various modalities including spatial sense and navigation.  It is concerned with the information of skins sense such as: touch, pain, temperature etc.

3)Occipital Lobe:

The occipital lobe is concerned with visual information. It processes visual memories in  center of brain containing most of the anatomical region of visual cortex. The several functional visual areas contains a full map of visual world. Primary visual cortex is the functional area of the occipital lobe which contains a low level description of the local orientation, spatial frequency & color properties with small receptive fields.

4)Temporal Lobe:

The temporal lobe communicate information with the hippocampus and plays the key role in the formation and storage of Explicit Long-term Memory module by Amyglada. The temporal lobe inputs and process sensory inforge recognition & dmation such as;auditory, information, visual information language recognition and declarative long term memory.s



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