Gestalt Law (Principles)

Principles of Gestalt’s Law of Organization
The Gestalt law of organization is a series of principles that describe how we organize bird of series and pieces of information into meaningful wholes. The following points can be described as the principle of Gestalt’s law of organization:

1)Figure-Ground Relationship:

This principle illustrate that any figure can be perceived more meaningfully in a background and that figure can not be seperated from that background. For instance;  letters written with the black market in white board.

In the figure the letter ‘A’ is the element in focus,

while the background is behind the focus.
B)Principle of Grouping:

The object can be perceived meaningfully when they are grouped together. There are some principles under grouping principle which are as follows;
i)Proximity: The object which are nearer to each other can be perceived meaningfully by grouping them.

Here the word ‘PEN’, though the letters are discrete , when we arrange these letters it give some meaning.
ii)Similarity: Stimuli needn’t be near to each other for perception. If there is similarly in objects they can be grouped together and perceived even if they are away.
iii)Continuity: Any stimulus which extends in the same way/shape will be perceived as a whole figure.

In the figure, we perceive that the curve goes throughout its way, but we don’t perceive to join this half circled figure to make full circle.

iv)Closure: When stimulus is present with gap the human tendency is to

perceive that figure is completed by feeling the gaps psychologically.
v)Simplicity: The law indicates that our mind perceives everything in each simplest form.

In the figure we surely perceive it as a rectangle between the two parallel lines rather than to perceive as ‘M’ & ‘W’ joining together.


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