Emotion is strong feelings or affective experience which are characterized by some definite internal and external bodily change and they are accompained with other behaviors. Emotion are feelings that generally have psychological & cognitive element that influence behavior.

Nature of Emotion

1)Universal: It is prevalent in every living organism at all stage of development from infancy to old stage.

2)Personal: Emotion are personal and thus differ from individual to individual.

3)Quality of displacement: Emotion has a quality of displacement. For instance, an angry reaction caused by the rebuke by the boss can find expression of beating to the childern at home.

4)The core of emotion is feeling: The emotion aroused on a/c of the cognition of a perceived stimulus, giving birth to a short impulsive act or urge to do.

5)Rises arbruptly, subside slowly: An emotion once aroused, tends to persist & live behind emotional hang over. Thus emotion rises arbruptly but subside slowly.

✳Positive emotion

The pleasant emotion like amusement, curiosity, love, joy and happiness which are helpful and essential for growth & development are termed as positive emotion.

✳Negative emotion:

An unpleasant emotion like: fear, anger, jealousy which are harmful for the wellbeing and development of an individual are termed as negative emotion.

🌟Development of Emotion



i)Conditioning       ii)Initiation (copying)


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