Effect of Emotion:

   ✳How can our Emotion Affect our Health

   Emotion are always accompained with many physical and physiological change which affect our health. When an external stimuli is perceived by our sense organ and the response given by our central nervous system (Brain), our respective part of our body begin to show behavior, with the change in physiological and cognitive change. For instance, if an individual is in negative emotion there may occurance of change in blood pressure, respiration, pulse rate, muscle tension, skin temperature, sensitivity, brain wave and polymer reaction involving erection of body, hair often associate with chilling of skin, unnecessary sweating, dry mouth, upset stomach etc. Thus such changes caused by emotion was directly resulted from the change in our physical and mental health.       

Effect of Poor Emotional Health:

      Our body respond to the way we think, feel & act. This often called the mind/body connection. When we are emotionally poor due to stress, anxiety or upset, our body use to show some wrong behaviors. For instance, there may arise; high blood pressure, problem in digestive system  which causes gastritis, in stomach ulcer and may finally be cancer etc. can be arised as due to poor emotional health.

                     Here, the some physical signs that may arise due to our poor emotional health can be mentioned as below.

*Back pain                *Chest  pain             

*Dry mouth              *Insomnia (trouble sleeping)

*Change in Apetite *Constipation or Diarrhea       

*Headache.               *Upset stomach   

*Sexual problem     *Gain/loss  in weight      

*Palpitation (the feeling that the heart is racing)

How can we improve our emotional health  ❓               
             Only ihe physical wellbeing is not an appropriate definition for the requirement of health. Here an emotional well being is also required for the perfect definition of well being. Thus we have to recognize our emotion and understand why we are having such emotion. Shorting out the causes of sadness, stress and anxiety in our life can help us to manage our emotional health:

*Expressing our feeling in appropriate ways

*Live a balanced life

*Develop resilence

*Calming the mind and body

*Taking care  oneself 

     ✳     Effect of Eating Disorder

           An eating disorder is a focus on food and weight that causes a person to go to extreme when it came to food & eating. The eating disorder directly or indirectly effects on our physical and mental health. The most common effect of eating disorder are listed below:

i)Binge: To consume large quantity of food in short time.

ii)Anorexia: Controlling to have required amount of food being obsessed with being thin.

iii)Bulimia: To have lot of food at once and throw out it by vomiting and purging.

iv)Obesity: To become highly fat due to consumption of more food then required amount, which causes increase in cholestrol by the over chalories from food. 


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