Cell & Neuron

​      Cell

         The human body is composed of numeral groups of tiny  cells like: bone cells, muscle cells, body cells etc. Each cells requires food, water and air. The cells can grow and dies. Most cell membrane & cell body.


i)Receptor cells: This type of cells receives stimulation & change into nerve ipulse.

ii)Effector cells: Carry out the response through muscle or gland.

iii)Nerve/conductor cells: Establishes relationship between receptor cells.


                Neuron is nerve cell which is an electrically excitable cell that process and transmit information through electrical and chemical signals. This signals between neurons occur via synapses. Neuron are the core components of the brain and the spinal cord of the central ners of the brain and the spinal cord of the central ners of the brain and the spinal cord of the central nervous system and the ganglia of the peripheral nervous system.


 The neurons are functionally categorized into three broad types:

a)Sensory neuron:Sensory neurons are sensitive to various non-neural stimuli. The SN are found in skin, muscles, joints and organs that indicates pressure, temperature & pain and specialized neurons are in nose and tongue which are sensitive to smel and taste. Neuron in inner ear are sensitive to viberation of sound and neuron in rods & cons are sensitive to light & vision.

b)Motor neurons:Motor  neurons are able to stimulate muscle of heart, diaphragm, intestines, bladder and glands.

c)Interneurons:This type of neurons provide connection between themselves. The neurons of the central nervous system, including the brain are all interneurons.   

Parts of neurons and its function:

a)Axon: The wire like structure in neuron that extends from soma to the axon terminal button. It is like highway in which message will travel down the neuron.

Function:To pass messages from cell bodybto other neurons, muscles or glands.

b)Dendrites:The root like part of the cell that stretches out from the cell body.

Function: To perceive messages from other neurons by grabbing onto neurotransmeters.

c)Soma:It is also called cell body which contains the nucles of the cell, which is brain in cell. It is the support center of cells life.

Function: Tell the cell not to fire.

d)Myelin Seath:It is a fatty layer of tissue that surrounds the axons.

Function: Help to speed up neural impulse.



               Synapse is a structural gap between neurons which permits neurons to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron. Its a medium to communicate from a neurons. Its a medium to communicate from a neuron  to any other cell type: motor cell.


🌟Neural impulse

                  The electrical discharger that travels along a nerve fiber is called neural impulse. As a neural impulse or nerve impulse in transmitted, the local voltage change across the cell wall. It is the way to communicate the nerve cells together. The action potential of nerve impulse is a result of ions (k+) and sodium (Na+).


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