​Classical Conditioning Theory:

Classical Conditioning Theory

               This theory was developed by Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov”. This theory states a type of learning in which an organism respond to a nutral stimulus that normally doesnt bring about that response. Pavlov has derived this theory through his experiment on dog. The experiment runs of the following stages.

1)Unconditioned Stimulus:The first one is a nutral stimulus that technically known as unconditioned stimulus, i.e: food.

2)Unconditoned Response:The second element is nutral response technically known as unconditioned response i.e: salvation.

3)Conditioned Stimulus:Once nutral stimulus that has been paired  with an unconditioned stimulus to bring about a response formerly caused only by the unconditioned stimulus. Its an artificial stimulus i.e: Ringing bell.

4)Conditioned Response:Its a response that after conditioning followed a previously nutral stimulus i.e: Salvation produced by response.

1)Extinction: It is a basic phenomenon of learning which occurs when previously conditioned response decrease in frequency and eventually disappear.

2)Spontaneous Recovery:It is a remembrance of extinguished conditioned response after a period of rest and with no further conditioning.

3)Stimulus Generalization:A process in which after a stimulus has been conditioned to produce a particular response, the similar stimuli  to the  original stimulus produce the same response, is stimulus generalization.

4)Stimulus Discrimination: The ability to differentiate the stimuli is stimulus generalization. It occurs if stimuli are sufficiently distinct from one another, that one evokes a conditioned  response but the another doesnt.


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