Conducting Psychological Research

              The psychologist studies wide range of topics such as language development in child and the effect of sensory deprivation on behavior. They use scientifically tasteable models and methods to conduct their research.

1)Scientific Method: The scientific method is the standardized way of making observation, identifying the problem, making hypothetical assumption for the solution of problem, testing the assumption throughout the experiment, interpreting the conclusion of result wether the assumption is true or false and publishing the solution of problem(result). Researchers use scientific method to describe & measure the behavior of person. For instance, identifying wether the students seems more aggressive or not after seeing violent movies.

2)Observation Method: The observation method studies weather the behavior of the person is Laboratory or Naturalistic. In naturalistic observation researchers simply observes some naturally occuring behavior and doesn’t make a change in situation. Whereas in Laboratory  method, psychologist observe behavior making change in situation. For instance, if people know they are being observed, they may alter their reaction & behavior which isn’t truly representative.

3)Case Study Method: Sigmund Freud has developed his theory through individual patient. The case study method is an intensive investigation of an individual or group. This method help to improve person’s understanding and mental disorders, if they are involved in negative activities.

4)Archival Research Method: The archival research focuses on existing data which are used to examine hypothesis through existing data, census document, recorded data etc. Here the collected data are already drawn by others. Thus, the research with the necessary information don’t exist to test hypothesis fully.

5)Survey Method: The survey method is a process to collect the data through the use of questionnaire and interview to a sample of people who represents the large numbers of people’s interest. This method is used to know the behavior, thought or attitude in aggregate among the large number of group of peoples.

6)Experimental Method: The experimental research method is an investigation  of the relationship between two or more than two variables, where change in situation of one  variables effect in change in situation of another variable. Here, the dependent & independent variables are responsible for experimental manipulation. For instance, higher the studying time higher will be the grade of student. Where grade is dependent  and studying time is independent variable.

7)Coorelational Research Method: The research method focuses on which relationship between two sets of variables are examined to determine whether they are associated or co-related. The two sets of variable’s strength or direction may be positive co-relational are negative co-relational. The positive co-relation indicates the positive relation between two variables and negative co-relation indicates the negative/inverse relation between two variables. For instance, more studying time increase in grade which is positive co-elation but higher the studying time causes lower the rest time which is negative co-relation.


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