Hi everyone, you are warmly welcomed in this site. This site is here merely for you to provide support, guides and further assistance in case of any complexites, boring and frustration arrises from making notes and daily assignments.

Of course, making notes and assignments by self is quitely boring and depressive activities for we everyone, which is the most common problem among all of us. As such in order to minimize and make you feel relief from such activities this server site is now presented here for you, anytime and anywhere with just one click when you need any help for making assignments and preparing notes.

This customized site is developed in purpose of sharing various academic materials i.e: notes, reference materials, slides and many articles and also trending news regarding our subject criteria. You can also get free documents in .pdf, xls, ppt & doc/x format which may include full course materials, articles and reference notes on your hand  for your help with just one click.

It’s very easy and user friendly version site, developed with wordpress. Here the notes are categorised according to subjected topics, which would be more convenient to get the solution of targeted problem. The most special things about this site is that, you can read the published articles or text not only in one language, you can read all the texts in 65 national and international languages. Whatever the language you know you can easily surf and get it on your own language. And also we are trying to add more languages to present you an userfriendly customized site. This site doesn’t include only one feature, here you can get many more options which attrack your eyes all along the wonderings. The following are the some special features you can enjoy in this site.

  • 🏠Home: It’s the static front page which you can get when you search the URL of this site. You can also redirected to this page when you click on “sparkStudy” at the header section of this site.
  • Menu: This is the icon which you can get at the header section of every page. It includes all the parent category of this site. In this section we have set the reference notes and various academic materials.
  • 🔌Plugins: You can see the icon of some social networking sites at the top of the page.  You can modify your surfing sites when you get bored on reading the articles. Here you can enjoy with facebook, Google, Twitter, Github, YouTube and WordPress.
  • 🔎Search: Whenever you didn’t get the desired subject and if you want to get it quickly, you can simply type the Title of your needed topics and hit enter, to get the action result within seconds. But the searching progress depends upon your browser and the server network.
  • ❄Share: Sharing knowledge tends to increase your own knowledge and again forces to generate new knowledge. As such, you can share the published posts in facebook, google twiter etc. with your friends, and also you can hit likes and post your opinion in every articles as your comments. Remember, we are always in expectation of your favourable comments and suggestion to adopt it in this site.
  • ☑Translate: The most relevant feature of this site is that you can enjoy surfing sites in 65 languages. You can get this feature in every articles and pages. If you want to browse or read it on your own language just click in TRNSLATE option then you can get the list of 65 international languages and you can click on your desired language whwtever you wish.

#Note: It can only supports in JavaScript enabled supporting browser i.e: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android browser, Safari etc. But it mayn’t support well in OperaMini browser.

  • 📋Cloud Content: In this section all the parent and child categories are mentioned. It includes the topics of published articles and related notes. 
  • 📂Read More: This is the followed section by this site which is published by second parties. Here you can also get the academic materials, news, stories, events, notes and tips and trick about our daily activities. 
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    Not only these there are other many special features in this sites. Some other features are under construction which will be added soon for your services when we upgrade it to the professional version. For this we need audience’s support. And you are the one to contribute us by sharing your hand. You needn’t have to do complex activities, you just be the regular audience and like, share and comment your opinion in the published posts.

    After reading the above content, you know that this site is developed in purpose of providing academic materials. Whatever the articles are published and however the site is presented for you, it mayn’t be well satisfactory for you. We are trying our best to satisfy you by providing the adequate materials soon.

    Note: If you want to publish some articles, notes and contribute reference materials for this site, you  have an special oppurtuity to explore your knowledge. So, you are always in warm welcome of this site. As  such fell free to contact with us whenever you want.

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